Wrong Woman

I have a confession:  I think Mr. Keller married the wrong woman!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ve probably realized by now that Mr. Keller enjoys agriculture.  He likes driving tractors, working on them, planting and harvesting our farm, baling hay, and taking care of the cows  I enjoy domestic hobbies like cooking, baking, reading, and gardening, and in spite of growing up on another little mini farm, I have absolutely no experience in driving tractors–not even rider lawn mowers.

Wrong Woman

Chad running the baler

In spite of my lack of agricultural interest, I found myself driving a tractor this past week.  Not only was I driving a tractor, I was running the baler and pulling the hay rack that Mr. Keller and the kids were on.  Me!  Running the baler!

For the first thirty minutes or so as I drove the tractor through the field, all I could think is that clearly Mr. Keller either married the wrong woman or he needs to make more friends who can help him!  After that point, I reminded myself that Mr. Keller needed my help, and I could do this.

wrong woman

It’s a family affair

We got the baling done, and I even felt proud to have assisted.  I’m nottelling anyone where the field is that we baled, though, because if you checked, you’ll find a lot of hay on the ground yet.  It turns out that I’m not very good at turns!  Mr. Keller had me completely worried.  He told me before we started that I had to take wide turns (whatever that means when you’re pulling a baler and a hay rack!) in order to avoid harming the PTO shaft.  I took wide turns, but I left about half of each line of hay whenever I turned.  Regardless, we still baled more than 100 bales that night!  Not bad for my first time.

I’m not really the wrong woman for Mr. Keller.  I just have to expand my skillset.  I’m sure I can handle it–at least until BK is old enough to drive the tractor on his own!  Marriage is all about being one another’s helpmates.  It sometimes means going out of one’s comfort zone, and I certainly did that!

wrong woman

BK looking down the field

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