Why I sell Norwex

Norwex LogoI signed up to sell Norwex this past September as an Independent Norwex Sales Consultant.  I had fallen in love with almost the entire product line the January before, but I couldn’t afford to buy it all!  When I received the monthly newsletter from my consultant in September, the email said that it was a free sign up month!  For a week, I thought pretty hard about signing up, but it seemed pretty risk free.

Sell Norwex

This is how I signed up for Norwex. It’s a great No Pressure way to sign up!  And it’s going on this month, too!

Shoot!  I was going to get FREE product with kit.  I told myself to quit waffling, and I talked to Mr. Keller.  I’m an internal processor, so I’d pretty much already made up my mind that I was going to sell Norwex.  I just had to be sure that Mr. Keller wouldn’t get too upset with that decision.  He was supportive, so I emailed my Norwex consultant (now my upline) and met with her to sign up.  After I signed up, we were sitting there in her dining room talking, and she asked what my reasons were for signing up.  At the time, I had a lot of trouble answering!

Today, I can answer easily!

The Discount & Free Product

The discount and free product I would earn as a consultant was my initial lure.  In exchange for signing up for free (okay, there was a $9.99 S&H charge), I received a dusting mitt, window cloth, envirocloth, and spirisponges.  I’d honestly been really wanting a dusting mitt, and just the dusting mitt cost more than the $9.99.  That alone seemed like a no brainer.

On top of that, there’s a 35% discount or commission!  That’s pretty great!  There are several popular direct sales companies that offer a much smaller commission, and I don’t think they have free sign ups!

Additionally, I learned that there were additional free products that I could earn as I made sales.  The first one came after just $400 in sales!  I had $400 in Norwex product that I wanted so I could have easily met that with just my own purchases ($260 after the 35% discount), but I didn’t have to!  I mentioned to just a few friends and co-workers that I had signed up to sell Norwex, and they put in orders!  It was that easy.  Without even having a party, I met the $400 level incentive in my first 15 days.

Then, I had my launch party!  My wonderful friends, family, and co-workers suffered through my very first demonstration.  They helped me have a great launch party, which in turn allowed me to meet the rest of my Fresh Steps Incentives.  I earned more free product, and I used the commission that I earned at my launch party to purchase even more Norwex goodies!  I got a ton of stuff, and I didn’t spend anything out of my own pocket!  In fact, I even got to pocket a little bit of the commission.

I was happy and so was Mr. Keller.

Environmental Responsibility

I actually never realized the impact that cleaning has on the environment.  Did you know that indoor air pollution is one of the top five highest-ranking environmental health issues in the United States?  I used to think that I was doing my family a favor when I cleaned my home with traditional household cleaners.

Norwex in my homeIn no small part due to those household cleaners, it has been found that our homes contain chemical levels that are 70x higher than the outside!  It’s alarming when we know that many of these chemicals can increase our odds of getting cancer and can worsen symptoms of asthma and allergies.  As an allergy sufferer and a mother, I feel compelled to get as many of these chemicals as possible out of my home!

Norwex’s Global Mission is to “improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.”

Social Opportunities

I’m not the most outgoing person.  As an independent Norwex Sales Consultant, I’m totally out of my comfort zone, but it’s been good for me!  I already feel more confident in social situations!  Who knows, maybe I’ll even get to the point where I won’t have an urge to run and hide when I run into someone I know at the store!

I love that I’m meeting new people all the time!  I also love my Norwex team meetings.  Everyone is so sweet and helpful.  It’s been great!

Financial Freedom

I’ve talked in other posts (here,  and here) about the Keller Family’s drive to become debt free. My signing up to sell Norwex fits in with this perfectly–as long as I keep a close eye on my own Norwex expenditures!

What would I do differently?

Click on the picture to enlarge

Click on the picture to enlarge

Would I sign up to sell Norwex again as an Independent sales consultant?  Absolutely!  However, I would be more inflexible with when I have parties.  This past weekend, I had a party Saturday afternoon, Sunday, and a Norwex Team meeting.  My husband had to work Saturday, and we had company that evening.  It was stressful, and I didn’t feel as though I was spending enough time with the Keller Kids.  Luckily, this job allows me to be a little bit more selective, and I have realized that I can ask people to choose different dates.  I don’t have to accept the first one that they suggest!

One other thing I would have done differently is that I would not have signed up under the Free Sign up.  The standard sign up for a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant here in the United States is still only $9.99.  You get a larger kit with more business supplies, but it comes with a catch:  you have to sell $2,000 of product within the first 90 days.  If you do not manage to do that, you will have to pay $200.  That risk scared me so I didn’t take it.  I reached over $2000 in my first 45 days so, ultimately, I made a mistake.

I love to sell Norwex!  Signing up to be an Independent Sales Consultant is a decision that I cannot imagine I will regret!

If you are interested in more information, my Norwex website is here.

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