What is Norwex?

What is Norwex

What is Norwex? Most of you probably saw my announcement on Facebook that I have decided to sell Norwex, but I know that some of you may not know what Norwex is.

What is Norwex

Creating a chemical free environment

Norwex Background
Norwex was started in 1994 when Bjorn Nicolaisen was introduced to a miraculous red cloth that could clean bugs off of his windshield with just a little water. Bjorn immediately saw greater possibilities and opened operations in Norway called Eidsvoll Miljoprodukter. Sales took off as the concept of “cleaning without chemicals” proved to be a universal desire.

In 1999, Norwex expanded to Canada and the United States with their little red “Cleaning without Chemicals” cloths and the Norwex name was born!  However, it wasn’t until 2007 that strands of micosilver were introduced into Norwex product.

The Norwex Difference

Norwex Microfiber Envirocloths

Norwex Microfiber Envirocloths

Norwex microfiber cloths are truly different from any other microfiber cloths out there!  They are a multipurpose cloth that can be used wet or dry on nearly any surface with results that will amaze you!  Using them will allow you to eliminate cleaning with chemicals.  All you need is a Norwex microfiber cloth and water!

The microfiber cloths are thick and finely knitted with fiber lengths that are more than 10 million feet long!  This allows them to hold up to 7 times their weight in water!  While cotton cloths will simply push around particles of dirt and grime, Norwex microfiber cloths actually lift and collect the dirt particles using electrostatic charges, leaving the surface free of all debris and grime.  Even better, the Norwex microfiber cloths have micro silver threaded into their fibers. The micro silver in combination with the finely sewn fibers allow Norwex microfiber cloths to remove up to 99% of bacteria from surfaces, which has allowed most households to reduce their cleaning products and supplies by up to 90%!

I think the coolest thing about Norwex microfiber cloths is that they actually self-purify.  How cool is that?  All you have to do to activate the self-purifying properties is dampen the cloth!

In Summary

What is Norwex

All you need to clean! Norwex & Water

What is Norwex?  Norwex is effective!  It’s Healthy!  It’s green!

Contact me for more information or check out my Norwex website:  SarahKeller.Norwex.biz


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