The Keller Kids

childhood best friends

Best of friends


Mr. Keller and I have been blessed with two beautiful children.  Being their parents has taught us so much about ourselves and is making us better people every day.  Each of the Keller Kids certainly has his/her own personality, needs, and wants!






mystery man

Funny guy!

This funny guy is 4 years old.  He tends to be pretty cautious, but every now and then he has a crazy streak that will burst out!  In the picture below, he decided to put the “Wet Floor” cone over his head at WalMart and make a run for it.  Being the good mom that I am, I took a picture before I chased him down and explained that we don’t touch those cones.


Run, BK, RUN!

BK can usually be found outside with Mr. Keller.  He loves to “drive” the tractors, and his very favorite chores include bailing hay, digging dirt, and feeding the cows.


Driving the combine

BK driving the combine. Watch out!

BK is also a very serious (for a 4 year old) student at his day care.  He is currently in a pre-K class where they are doing a great job preparing him for kindergarten.  At first, he struggled with holding a pencil properly and using scissors, but he came home after “school” and practiced nearly every evening.  His favorite saying:  “Practice makes Progress.”

BK is an amazing big brother, too.  He and MK are the very best of friends.  He loves to tease her, teach her new things, and  just give her snuggles.  He uses MK as his sounding board and his test dummy.  If something looks scary or frightening to him, he has her try it out first!


TMNJ Girl!

TMNT Girl!

This girl is 2 years old.  She’s fearless, determined, and very motivated. In a nutshell:  she’s me.  The best… and the worst!

Mommy and daughter

MK and Mommy

At just 2 years of age, she knows her colors, can count to 14, loves to sing the ABCs, and is a frighteningly good communicator.  This girl knows how to tell others what she wants and how she wants them to do it.  I once saw the word “toddler” defined as “Emotionally unstable pint-sized dictator with the uncanny ability to know exactly how far to push you towards utter insanity before reverting to a lovable cuddle monster,” and it struck me as perfectly accurate in MK’s case!

MK’s favorite activities involve anything with which BK is playing and helping me or Grandma in the kitchen.  She throws her entire little being into everything that she tries, and she has been like that since birth.  Below is a video of her first steps at home.  As you can see, she really took off!  She was just 10 months.

Mr. Keller and I look forward to seeing how these two grow and develop through the years!  We will share more about these two in future posts, I’m sure! They are kind of our lives, after all!

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