Keller Family Tinker Farm

The Keller Family is extremely blessed to be able to live on the homestead that my grandfather built in 1954.  He hammered nearly every nail that grew to form the walls and roof under which we live.  In fact, one of the things he was most fond of telling me was “when I started building that house, I couldn’t even hammer in a straight nail, but by the end, well, I figured it out!”  In fact, he did more than figure it out.  He built a home that has endured extremely well, and, more importantly, he has left a legacy for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Keller Family Tinker Farm - beautiful midwest landscape

Beautiful Midwest Landscape – No Filter!!

The home is set on 6.5 acres that at times, is absolutely breathtaking.  Frankly, the saying, “the pastures are always greener on the other side,” simply don’t apply here.  I cannot imagine a tract of land that would suit the Keller Family Tinker Farm better.

We are attempting to maintain the property in a similar fashion as my grandfather.  Just like him, we have a small herd of cattle that we raise for meat, we grow hay and bale it for the cattle, maintain a small personal peach and apple orchard, and even have a garden in the same spot that he did.

Of course, the house needs updates and modernization.  We purchased the property in 2012, and every year since we

Keller Family Tinker Farm

The Keller Family Tinker Farm House Prior to any updating

have completed a couple of projects working towards that goal.  I plan to post on that in the near future.  Regardless, the home has excellent bones upon which Mr. Keller and I plan to continue to build and strengthen the legacy for our family.  If God wills it, the Keller Family Tinker Farm will continue to grow and thrive!

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