Productive Weekend!

The Kellers had a very productive weekend!  The weather shifted from being unseasonably cool to unseasonably warm, and we were all feeling good about it!  It’s amazing how much more active and happier we all are when the weather is great!.

We started Friday out with soccer practice for the Kicking Kellers.  The whole team (7 little pre-k kids) was feeling frisky!  They were running all over and more than a little hard to control.  When practice was over, I left with my crew feeling more than a little concerned that they were scheduled to have a game the next day, but they sure didn’t seem too interested in actually playing soccer!  Of course, they are all between the ages of 3 and 5 so how much can you really expect?

Saturday morning dawned clear and beautiful.  So beautiful, in fact, that I opened the windows for the first time all year!  Mr. Keller had to work, unfortunately, but the Keller Kids and I got ready for their first soccer game!  The game was at 10:15, and the kids rarely sleep in so we had plenty of time.  We even ran up to Casey’s for donuts and to the post office before soccer.  Both Keller Kids were being exceptionally well behaved even though they were psyched about their upcoming game.

Game time brought very different feelings for BK and MK.  BK was ready to go and excited!  MK wasn’t too concerned about the game and wanted to sit and visit with her Papa Keith.  We did finally convince her to go out on the field.  She had a great time playing in the dirt.

BK, on the other hand, looked like he had been playing soccer for years out there!  I was actually really impressed with him.  He seems to be showing a lot of raw talent (yes, I know that he’s 5–I promise, I am fully aware of this fact!).  He dribbled the ball from end to end and kept it very well controlled, and he made several moves that were impressively natural looking.  He even scored 4 goals.  Maybe soccer will be his sport… or maybe not.  Only time will tell!

After the game, Papa Keith and I had to take the Keller Kids to McDonald’s.  After all, it was one of the things that I attempted to bribe MK with as I tried to convince her to play.  I think it came as I escorted her back to the soccer field from the pine trees where she had gathered quite a collection of pine cones.  Truly, you should have seen her team flock to the pine tree after they saw her collection.  It was hilarious!

Productive Weekend

BK Scores!

productive weekend

MK & her Papa

productive weekend

This how MK plays soccer!

Papa Keith even bought the kids ice cream cones at McDonald’s!  It was only lunch time, but the Keller Kids’ day was going pretty darn well!

Next, we came home and played outside!  Well, okay, the Keller Kids did while I cleaned the house like a crazy lady.  The kids were thrilled to be able to play outside again.  They may have been more excited than I as with the weather.

I was able to get a mountain of laundry done, bathrooms cleaned, hard floors dry mopped, and the windows all cleaned!  I have to say, I am thrilled with how easy Norwex has made cleaning windows.  I use to hate cleaning them (I still don’t love it), but it’s so easy now!  The EnviroCloth and the WindowCloth have eliminated the need for paper towels and Windex, and they do a great job!  My windows are shiny clean now, and we live out in the country so they were absolutely filthy before I washed them. I even used my same EnviroCloth to clean out the window sills.  After I finished cleaning, it was the most wonderful feeling to just sit down in the living room (while folding laundry, of course!), and look around to see the sunshine coming through the windows.  It was really truly very rewarding.

After Mr. Keller came home Saturday afternoon, he even tilled up my garden!  I ran out to Big R’s and picked up seeds and plants, and Sunday MK and I planted the garden!  It may be a little early yet for the bean seeds that we planted, but we can always replant if necessary.  It was really just wonderful to play in the dirt.  I absolutely adore gardening.  I love nourishing the plants and then harvesting the results.  I also love that I can get food from my family in my backyard!  We should even have ripe asparagus and rhubarb in the next few days.  Spring has truly sprung!

Productive Weekend


Mr. Keller and BK spent Sunday at the Keller Farm.  I can’t really speak to what they were doing other than to say that they were getting the equipment ready to go for planting.  Both came home looking  like they had spent the day in the sun, and BK was pretty darn tired!

MK and I went to church.  I let her sit in the congregation with me as opposed to the nursery.  She had begged to sit with me, and I thought it would be all right.  It was certainly a lesson in patience.  She had to use the restroom twice, and on her return the second time she walked in and said “Hello!” which caused the pastor to look up and grin at her.  She didn’t notice, which is a good thing or it may have encouraged her further.  She also took the colored crayons and paper that a very nice man gave her to use, and laid in the center aisle to color and listen.  Because she was staying quiet and still, I let her stay there.  Really, the congregation didn’t seem to mind her behavior, and I think she provided more than a few with entertainment.  As her slightly mortified mom, though, I’m hoping that next week goes a little bit smoother.

We finished the weekend off by celebrating Mr. Keller’s mom’s birthday.  We enjoyed pizza and ice cream cake.  The evening couldn’t have been any better!

It was a beautiful, busy, and productive weekend!  I wouldn’t have changed any of it!  The house is clean, the garden is planted, laundry done, and I hear the tractors are ready to go!  Life is good.

And, happy 25th Birthday to my sister, Maria!  Wish we could have celebrated with you, but we’ll see you soon!

Kicking Kellers

The Keller Kids are now the Kicking Kellers!  They started soccer on Friday, and they could not have been more excited!

Earlier in the week we really stoked the fires of their enthusiasm.  Mr. Keller had the kids out nearly every day kicking the soccer ball.  BK had received a couple of soccer balls for his birthday in addition to a soccer net, and they really made use of those items!

Kicking Kellers

Waiting for practice to start

We also stoked the fires a little bit more when we took the kids to Target!  They needed to get water bottles and shin guards ahead of practice.  The shin guards were easy; there was one set that fit.  The water bottles on the other hand…  We had no idea there would be so many options!  It took a good 10 minutes to pick out a good, sturdy set of water bottles, but at the end of those 10 minutes I think we were all satisfied with our choices!

When practice finally rolled around on Friday evening, we were ready!  They went to daycare on Friday in the clothes that they would wear to practice so that was easy.  Practice was at 6:00 and could potentially last an hour so we gave them pretty good sized snacks of chocolate coated super fruits and granola.  Then, we rushed out the door to make it to practice.  Before leaving, I grabbed their winter coats, and I’m so glad that I did.  It was cold!

In fact, the weather was probably the worst part of practice.  Their coach seemed enthusiastic and patient.  His son was less than sure about playing, but I think the cold factored pretty heavily into that.  Regardless, I think the kids will get along well with their coach.

Kicking Kellers

MK dribbling

The coach started out by introducing the kids to  a few basic concepts:  no hands and dribbling and passing.  They ran a couple of drills and then played a short scrimmage.  BK was very into it, and he actually scored 3 goals during the scrimmage.  MK participated, but she was cold!  After running around for a few minutes, MK declared that she wanted to be the goalie.  Unfortunately, she won’t get her way on that as there is no goalie at this level.  Practice was called due to the cold about 30 minutes in.  BK, however, was not wanting to quit.  He and Mr. Keller kicked the ball around for another  5 or 10 minutes.  BK was so into it that he even shed his winter coat!  He was grinning ear to ear.  MK snuggled with me while we watched.

Kicking Kellers

Look at that grin!

The Kicking Keller Kids will have practice again this coming Friday.  We don’t know their game schedule yet, but the whole family is looking forward to attending those games.  Mr. Keller and I are sure that the games will be pretty cute!