Finding Common Ground

Mr. Keller and I don’t have a whole lot in common:

  1.  He’s an extrovert; I’m an introvert
  2. He loves to farm; I find the farm equipment a little intimidating
  3. I work a desk job; he enjoys his outside job
  4. I have a master’s degree and professional license; he has an associate’s degree
  5. I love spreadsheets & budgeting; he does not
  6. He is patient and a great father; I struggle daily with maintaining my calm
  7. He’s the last one to leave a party; I just want to be at home in my pajamas

You get the point.  The list is a thousand times longer than that.  We are different people, and sometimes we struggle to understand one another.  At this point, we’re used to one another; we know what to expect, but that doesn’t make our differences go away.perfect-couples

We have to find common ground.  For Mr. Keller and I, that means semi-regular date nights, and allowing ourselves the opportunity to concentrate on just one another.

We recently purchased Chicago Bears season tickets.  Although they certainly were not inexpensive, they were really easy to rationalize.  First, we both love football so it gives us an opportunity to connect over something that we have in common.  Second, it’s a nearly 3 hour drive to the stadium.  That’s 6 hours round trip where we are actually together in one space without any little ones to interrupt.

We went to our first game this past Sunday, and it was a success!  First, we managed to get there without killing one another.  He was driving, and I was navigating (or trying to, anyway).  At first, Mr. Keller was completely uninterested in my suggestions on directions, and then, when he needed to listen to directions, I was pretty uninterested in providing them!  Actually, the drive was fine.  We hit very little traffic until we were nearly at the stadium.  We took one wrong turn, but it wasn’t really wrong.  It was just a little early, and we had no issues finding our destination.  It was the giant stadium that every other car was trying to get to.

Mr. Keller and I didn’t have any earth shattering conversations.  They weren’t necessary.  We simply enjoyed one another’s company.  We talked about the upcoming game, our fantasy football teams, and our NFL game picks (unfortunately, after totally dominating the last season, I’m not doing so well in either fantasy or game picks–hopefully, I can pull out of my slump!).  The conversation topics were light, but they reflected where we are at right now.  We’re both pretty content with life, and neither of us have any great concerns.  We’re on the same page where it counts.

To really top off a great day, the Chicago Bears even won!  They defeated the Detroit Lions, and earned their first win of the season (there’s a reason that the season tickets were affordable…).

Here’s to more Sundays in the future spent together!