Mommy Confession #7: Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration?!!  What?!  I cannot have a child old enough for kindergarten registration.  Oh, wait…

I printed off BK’s kindergarten registration a couple of days ago.  It hit me hard, and I did not anticipate that!  I thought that I would be excited to sign BK up for kindergarten!  After all, it means one less child in daycare (and we all know that no matter how wonderful BK’s daycare is, daycare is expensive!); I was wrong!

Printing off BK’s kindergarten registration made me realize how quickly time is flying.  He’s growing up, and it makes me sad.  Soon, he won’t want to snuggle on the couch with me.  He won’t randomly grab a strip of my hair and smell it jus

t so that he can feel close to his mom.  I fear that he’ll out grow me.  That’s probably crazy, but to me it seems like a very real possibility.

Kindergarten Registration

BK and Mr. Keller practicing their letters

BK hangs out with his dad.  They do chores together, fix things, chop firewood, and more. He’s Mr. Keller’s shadow–his mini me.  BK really only belongs to me when he’s tired, sick, or crossing the road (you know, when he has to hold my hand).  I guess I fear that every year he’s going to need me less and less.  All of his adventures with his daddy just make BK more independent.  That’s a great thing, I know, but right now… I’m just sad.

BK, on the other hand, is sooo excited for kindergarten!  His daycare teachers have done an excellent job preparing him, and he’s ready.  He cannot wait to go to the “big school” and ride the bus (jury’s still out on that one, but he’s sure hoping!).  It’s going to be my job between now and the first day of kindergarten to really maintain that excitement for him.  We’ll start driving past the school regularly and talking about how awesome it will be for him.  We’ll also start involving him in extracurricular activities like soccer and tee ball so that he can make more friends ahead of time (which means that I need to start stalking the  park district’s website for sign ups!).

Developmentally, I think BK is ready for kindergarten!  He knows his ABCs, colors, can count quite high, and he can write his own name.  We do need to work on some of the fundamentals like zipping our own coat and tying our shoes.  We’ll start prioritizing those things ASAP; partly because he needs to know those things ahead of kindergarten and partly because I need him to learn those things!  Maybe we can teach MK to zip her coat and tie shoes at the same time!

Registering BK for kindergarten isn’t about me.  It’s about him, of course!  I’ll put my sadness aside (and the realization that I’m getting OLD!), and we’ll help BK continue to maintain his excitement.  We’ll focus on teaching him the things he needs to learn ahead of kindergarten, and we’ll continue to keep him well-socialized.

BK is going to be an awesome little kindergartener.  I just hope those bigger kids leave him alone (I’m 99% percent sure that they will), and I hope that he makes lots of wonderful little friends.  Like every mom, I have high hopes for BK’s future.