Stitch Fix #9

Stitch Fix #9 arrived on Saturday!  I just love coming home and seeing one of these boxes on my front porch!  Stitch Fix #9

Stitch Fix is a boxed subscription company.  The service provides a personal styling experience for women, by sending 5 items that you can try on at home. You then decide if you want to keep any.  You send back the ones that you don’t want in an envelope provided by Stitch Fix, but if you do keep all 5 items, you receive a 25% discount off of all of the items.

In order to really maximize your Fix, there are a couple of things you can do.  First, set up and link a Pinterest board to your Stitch Fix account.  On that Pinterest board, put just a handful of outfits and accessories that you love, and be sure to make a note on each item referencing what it is that you love and why.  Next, after you schedule a Fix, you will have the option to leave a note for your stylist.  Be sure to do it!  This is really your opportunity to personalize your Fix and request specifics!

For this Fix, I had asked for a bright, summery fix that I could wear at home or at work.  I also specifically asked for a pair of colorful pants and a pair of shoes.  I always reiterate that I need petite sizes, too.

I was definitely the most excited about the potential for new shoes!  I’m not really a shoe person; I just don’t enjoy spending money on them.  I thought if Stitch Fix sent me a cute pair of shoes, I may actually keep them and treat myself.

My stylist included a sweet little note as shown below.  She did a great job of explaining what she would pair with item, and she did reference my requests.  (Sorry, the picture below isn’t very high quality!!)

SF9 Note

The shoes that I received are the DV8 Aura Floral Perforated Flats.  I really wanted to love these, but I just couldn’t.  First, I really disliked the color.  Everything I have on my Pinterest board for shoes is neutral so that I can really maximize the outfit potential.  These shoes are pretty far from neutral!  I will admit, they were pretty comfortable, but these just were not keepers.

DV8 Aura Floral Perforated Flats

The next item that I tried on was the Collective Concepts Wilson Tie-Neck top.  I knew as soon as I took it out of the box that this just wasn’t going to work.  I did try it on to be sure, but it just wasn’t flattering.  It also wasn’t my style, either.  Verdict:  Returned.

Collective Concepts Wilson Collective Concepts Wison

Next up was the Papermoon Kualo Bow Back knit top.  This top definitely fit my criteria for bright and summery.  Unfortunately, it just isn’t me.  I really don’t wear yellow.  I also wasn’t feeling the bow on the back.  Verdict:  Returned.

Papermoon Kualo Bow Back Knit Top Papermoon Kualo Bow Back Knit Top

I then tried on the Liverpool Philip Printed Straight Leg pant.  These kind of confused me.  I asked for colorful pants and received a white, checked pant. That’s just not what I had in mind.  It’s also not something that fits in with the clothes in my closet.  These are going back to Stitch Fix.  I will tell you that these were comfortable and fit nicely.  Had they come in a solid color, they would be keepers!

Liverpool Philip Printed Straight Leg Pant  Liverpool Philip Printed Straight Leg Pant

I was thrilled to receive the 41Hawthorn Concord Striped Cardigan.  I love the style!  Plus, it’s soft and comfortable.  Definitely a keeper!

41Hawthorn Concord 41Hawthorn Concord

The final damage:  $8.  I had a $50 credit in my account, and I’m only keeping the $58 cardigan.  I’ll take a comfy cardi for $8 any day!

SF9 Invoice

I don’t have another Fix scheduled yet.  I’ll probably wait a while as I really don’t need any additions to my closet right now.  My little green employees (dollars) would be better served working in the stock market or earning me interest!

Want to sign up for Stitch Fix?  Use my referrer code, and I’ll get a $25 credit to feed my habit.

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