Norwex Window Cloth

Before Using Norwex Window Cloth


I realized something shocking yesterday:  I, a Norwex Independent Sales Consultant, had filthy, dirty car windows and mirrors!  That’s not exactly good brand representation!  I had just read that Norwex was founded upon a red microfiber cloth that was originally created to clean car windows so I decided to see for myself if my Norwex EnviroCloth and Norwex Window Cloth were up for the job!

Using Norwex EnviroCloth

Using the Norwex EnviroCloth – photo credit to my awesome 4 year old!

With two kids, my car windows were pretty gross.  Clearly, someone has been allowing the kids to eat and drink in the car!  I knew that the level of stickiness involved would require me to use my wet EnviroCloth first on the car windows and mirrors, followed by my Window Cloth.  The EnviroCloth removed the sticky gunk that my lovely children had left behind as well as the every day dirt, grime, and squashed bugs that were also present on my car’s windows and mirrors; however, I was a little bit worried!  There were terrible streaks and water spots.  I knew it was time to use the Norwex Window Cloth.

I quickly grabbed the aforementioned dry Norwex Window Cloth, and I quickly went towork over my still damp car window.  The streaks and water spots were gone!  Not only that, but my windows were sparkling.  Honestly, they were clearer than the day I bought my car.  I can honestly tell you that the combination of the Norwex EnviroCloth and Norwex Window Cloth took the sticky, dirty grime right off my windows with very little effort from me.  Even more surprising was how easily it cleaned off the squashed bugs on my windshield and side mirrors.  I used no chemicals to get sparkling windows and mirrors!

After Using Norwex Window Cloth


I know that there are a lot of you who use Windex on your car windows.  I really suggest that you stop (regardless of whether or not you decide to replace your Windex habit with the Norwex Basic Package of the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth).  Besides aggravating allergies in adults, Windex has been shown to damage the tints on car windows.

Well, I have sparkling car windows, now I just need to talk Mr. Keller into cleaning the rest of the car!  Maybe he’ll use the Norwex Car Wash Mitt!

Side note:  If your windows aren’t as filthy as mine, you can simply use a spray bottle to lightly mist water onto the window and wipe with a dry Norwex Window Cloth.  Never wet the Norwex Window Cloth with water directly.

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