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I spent quite a bit of time today developing a couple of Norwex Product Information videos!  They aren’t perfect!  I don’t know how to edit so they are completely unedited.  That means that the light keeps changing, and I have a few awkward pauses and restarts. You’ll just have to kind of go with it!

The intention of the Norwex Product Information videos that I have developed is to give people who aren’t familiar with Norwex a quick taste of the product.  There’s so much more to Norwex!  A company that is dedicated to removing the unnecessary chemicals and plastics from our lives can and does have a large product offering!

My first video focuses on just introducing me and Norwex at a very high level.  The purpose is to very quickly acquaint people with both myself as their consultant and the company.

The focus of my second video is on the cleaning products that made Norwex famous:  the EnviroCloth, WindowCloth, dusting mitt, and Envirowand.  If you buy anything from Norwex, I highly recommend these items!

My third video is a quick (less than 15 minute) over view of the other products that we use daily in the Keller Family household.  The products are make up remover cloths, body cloths, the XL bath towel, cleaning paste, UPP, stain remover, and more!

Take a few minutes to watch all 3 videos.  I’d love to get your feedback.  If anyone can teach me to edit using a MacBook, I would greatly appreciate that, too!!

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