Norwex Monthly Specials

Norwex Monthly Specials

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Thinking About Joining Norwex?

This month is a great time to join Norwex!  The deal is absolutely fabulous!  You can receive the standard kit (including the mop!!) for only $9.99 upfront!  You would then need to reach $2,000 in sales within your first 90 days.  I know that sounds intimidating, but I promise that it’s not hard at all!  Contact me if you’re interested!  You won’t be sorry!

As a Norwex consultant, I find enjoyment from 3 things:

  1.  The opportunity to meet new people
  2. Offering the opportunity to improve our environment
  3. The money, of course :)!

November Host Specials

If you have been thinking about hosting a party, November is the month to do it!  Check out the host rewards below!

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November Norwex Host Specials


November Customer Specials!

Some fun packages

Norwex Customer Specials