Norwex Dusting Mitt

This last month we gutted and updated our mudroom and laundry room area, and the mess was ridiculous!  First, there was the old insulation, and then there was the drywall dust from the new drywall.  Anyone who has ever lived in a construction can sympathize, I’m sure.  Regardless, my window screens were left a mess!

Before using Norwex Dusting Mitt

Embarrassingly, this is the before

No doubt about it, I had been avoiding cleaning those window screens.  I remember my mom taking the window screens down, spraying them with water and scrubbing them, and I just did not want to do that!  The other night, however, I learned that the Norwex dusting mitt can be used to quickly clean those pesky window screens!  Apparently, all that is necessary is to slightly dampen the mitt, put it on your hand, and wipe both sides of the screen.  It sounded easy so I figured it was worth a shot!

After cleaning with Norwex Dusting MIt

After cleaning with Norwex Dusting MIt

Not only was it as easy as it sounded, it worked!  With very little effort, my screens are now clean!  Cleaning with the Norwex dusting mitt must have looked fun, too, because BK asked to join in the fun!

Norwex dusting mitt

BK is a great helper!

The mitt is made from a soft microfiber

Norwex Dusting mitt

This is the mitt after cleaning that one screen!

material.  The material is ideal for dusting as it creates a natural static charge that attracts and holds dust to it.  Ditch the chemicals you usually use to dust your house and try out the mitt!  You will find that you actually will need to dust less often!  It sounds hard to believe, but I can attest to this personally.  It seems that most dusting sprays lay an oil or wax over your surface that leaves your surface shiny and more attractive to dust.  That dusting spray actually causes dust to stick as the spray is slightly sticky.  Truly, give the Norwex dusting mitt a try and find yourself dusting less often!

Initially when I received the Norwex dusting mitt, I wasn’t too keen on it.  I didn’t think I would like the fit of the mitt as I have small hands; although roomy, it doesn’t slide around on my hand as I had feared.  I’m really looking forward to using it on other areas of my house!  In addition to dusting and cleaning window screens, the dusting mitt works great on blinds, fans, lamps, plants, tops of cupboards, vents, and vehicle dashboards.


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