No Shopping Challenge

Earlier this month, I decided to do a 30 day No Shopping Challenge.  For me, it’s not purely a no shopping challenge as I still purchased Halloween costumes for my children and a couple of gifts, but I did not purchase anything for me.  Many of you reading this may think this is crazy, but for me, it’s huge to go 30 days without buying shoes, accessories, clothing items, or other unnecessary retail items.

No Shopping ChallengeThis no shopping challenge will help me gain traction on a number of goals:

  1.  Financial Independence.  You can’t get ahead if you spend it all!
  2. Reducing consumerism.  The world only has so many resources, and I don’t need to consume those resources for no apparent reason.
  3. Reducing impulse buys.  Obviously this goes along with meeting my goal of financial independence, but I am finally really training myself to ask, “is this a want or a need?”  Will it change my life for the better or just be a waste?

No Shopping ChallengeWish me luck as I continue the no shopping challenge!  I plan to continue it through November, as well!  My only allowed purchases will be items absolutely necessary for the kids (Shoes!  Their feet grow way too fast), groceries, and gifts.  Even the gifts will be limited this year.  I’ve worked hard all summer long to build a treasure trove of jams, pickles, salsas, and fruit butters, and I plan to use these as gifts were possible!

I think the key to this no shopping challenge is to just think outside the box a little bit.  In the past, my solution to something breaking or an upcoming celebration was to just run out and buy something.  Now, I am stopping to fix things where possible, substituting when fixing doesn’t work, and gifting homemade items.  I thought that approach would be an inconvenience, but it’s actually easier!  After all, I have all of those things in my house already!  Shopping honestly involves more work!

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