Family Legacies


4 Generations of Cookie Bakers!

Every family has it’s legacies and traditions that it passes on to the next generation.  I was strongly reminded of that fact this past weekend as we baked Christmas cookies with Mr. Keller’s family.

Every year, Mr. Keller’s mom, grandma, aunt, and cousins meet at Mr. Keller’s grandma’s (Bernice) house.  Fortunately for me, I’m invited, too!  In fact, to be perfectly honest, I’m more than invited.  It’s expected that I attend along with the Keller Kids, which is awesome!  I love that we’re included and treated just like one of the blood relatives.  We have a list of cookies that we always make:  Christmas Crescents, Peanut Butter Blossoms, Reese Peanut Butter cup cookies, 7 Layer Dessert, fudge, frosted sugar cookies, and chocolate coated pretzels.  We also usually try one or two new things!  This year we added snicker doodles and thumb print cookies.  As we bake the cookies, everyone kind of knows what their task is.


MK and Clayton!

The Keller Kids decorate the sugar cookies, open candies, and play!  I help with the Keller Kids, roll cookie dough into drop cookies, and help with the oven when it’s necessary.  Mr. Keller’s aunt Kathy usually mans the oven, Sheena fills in everywhere and makes sure that we stay on task, Bernice makes the fudge and 7 layer dessert, and Carol (Mr. Keller’s Mom) very patiently ices cookies for the Keller Kids and monitors their decorating.

Family Legacies

BK and Bernice!

My children and everyone else will forever have the memories of baking the cookies and spending time with family.  There’s always Christmas music playing in the background (music chosen by Carol and Clayton, typically), and sometimes even live music provided, again, by Carol and Clayton.  There’s laughter and opportunities to catch up and discuss our current situations.  It’s a wonderful tradition, and one that is building a legacy of happy memories for my children and everyone else involved.  With any luck, they will receive copies of some of the recipes, too!  The cookie recipe book, however, is a legacy that will be inherited by one of Mr. Keller’s female cousins, as is appropriate!

Family Legacy

BK & Rich! They’re both so proud!

While we were at Bernice’s home baking cookies, Bernice’s husband, Rich, gifted the Keller Kids with another legacy:  one stained glass creation for each of them.  BK received a stained glass creation depicting the John Deere symbol while MK received a stained glass creation with butterflies and flowers.  Both suited them perfectly.  Even more importantly, they will have these legacies long after their great-grandfather, Rich, has passed away.


MK and Rich! She loves it!

At just 4 and 3 years of age, both BK and MK adore their new stained glass art.  They may not realize the importance of it, but they do realize that it’s something they will always have from their great-grandfather!  In fact, just tonight Mr. Keller and BK proudly chose places to display the art.  I’m not sure who was more thrilled and more proud!

There are a lot of ways to leave your family with a legacy:  property, financial gains, and memories.  For us, family traditions such as baking cookies together is an excellent way to build those memories!  These memories are then recalled by physical legacies such as cookie recipes and stained glass creations.  I pray that the Keller Kids are rich in Family Legacies–especially memories!


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