Dreaming of Somewhere Warm & Sunny

I am definitely dreaming of somewhere warm & sunny right now!  So much so that I have found myself pulling up pictures from Mr. Keller and I’s 5-year anniversary trip.

Moon Palace Resort

The view from our Room

Mr. Keller and I visited Moon Palace in Mexico this past July!  It’s a large, very nice all-inclusive resort about 15 minutes from the airport in Cancun.  As a matter of fact, the resort is right under the flight paths going in and out of Cancun.  Most of the time, it was no issue and you barely noticed the planes, but every now and then they got a little noisy.  The resort is a AAA 4 Diamond Resort and a TripAdvisor.com Top 25 All-Inclusive Resort for Mexico.  It is family friendly (though we left BK and MK at home for this particular trips!) as it has a very nice club house for the children and lots of pools.  One pool even had a wave rider!  We also noticed that the drinks here were a little weaker than some of the adult only resorts!

Moon Palace Resort

Room 1923

Our room was #1923.  It was on the Concierge level which meant that we were supposed to get better service.  It also meant that there were not supposed to be any children on our level.  I noticed later that both of those things seemed to be incorrect as there was definitely a baby just down the hall, and neither Mr. Keller nor I felt that the service we received was very good, let alone the spectacular service for which we had been billed!  The rooms themselves have all recently been updated.  Ours contained a king size bed, large jacuzzi tub, well-stocked mini bar, and snacks (potato chips and M&Ms–not exactly anything to get excited over).  The bathroom was nice, but, again, nothing spectacular.  Each room also had a little balcony with chairs and a hammock.  I spent a fair bit of time on the balcony and truly enjoyed it.

There were tons of places to eat at the resort!  Just like anywhere, we found that we loved

Moon Palace Resort

Mayan Coffee — It was spectacular and I don’t even care much for coffee!

a few of restaurants, liked a few more, and did not care for a couple.  Our favorites were Palapa Fragata (seafood),  El Caribeno (Caribbean), and Arricefes (Brazilian).  The service at Palapa Frata and Arricefes was truly superb while the food choices at El Caribeno were just delicious.  Additionally, Arricefes was just really neat as the waiters actually went around from table to table with different types of roasted meat from which they would slice you off a few pieces.  It was quite a variety and right up Mr. Keller’s alley!  I often ate lunch poolside and truly enjoyed that, as well.  There were a variety of buffets set up along the pools from which to choose.  The buffets were everything from nachos to Sushi!  We also loved the cafe in our lobby.  They had sandwiches, coffees, homemade Popsicle (I loved the hyacinth Popsicle!!), and the most exquisite chocolate!  I gained 7 pounds while we were in Mexico, and I blame most of it on the chocolate!

Moon Palace Resort

Golf Course where Mr. Keller pretty much lived

Mr. Keller went golfing nearly every day.  The resort featured 3 very nice Jack Nicklaus golf courses, and he had a great time!  He golfed well most days (which always makes it more enjoyable, right?), and he made some friends.  For those of you who know Mr. Keller, this is hardly a surprise!  He managed to meet up with his new friends nearly every day at the golf course and at the pool or a restaurant.  Most of them were British as we traveled during Europe’s summer holiday, and, frankly, nearly everyone at the resort while we were there were British!

Moon Palace Resort

The only part of the golf course I saw: The pool at the clubhouse!

Moon Palace Resort

The idyllic beach (just don’t mind the seaweed!)

While Mr. Keller golfed, I went to the spa and lazed around the pool and beach.  Unfortunately, I never had an appointment at the Awe-Spa which was actually located on the golf course.  I heard that spa was amazing!  My appointments were booked at the smaller spa in our lobby.  I really enjoyed my mani and pedi, and I thought they both turned out wonderfully!  Unfortunately, my massages with Daisy cannot be recommended.  She shorted me on my time and applied a great deal more pressure to one side than the other.  I felt quite lopsided at the end!  If I were to go again, I would make sure to have a different masseuse as I’m sure that several others are more skilled.  I did really enjoy my time at the beach and the pool.  The service was pretty good with drinks being plentiful and easy to find.  I often stayed by the pool until it became too hot around 1:00 or 2:00 at which point I would go inside for a nap before dinner.

Moon Palace Resort

One of the pools! There were several, and all were well cared for and clean

The nightly entertainment at the resort was actually really good!  We enjoyed the Fire Show the most!  The karaoke night was also a really big hit with us.  Some of our fellow guests could really sing!   Another night we enjoyed the a ’70’s style music show; if we didn’t attend the entertainment for the evening, we walked around the resort.  It’s absolutely huge with 4 sections!  We were able to observe several weddings taking place at sunset, a few parties, and I even allowed Mr. Keller to talk me into a round of (mini) golf.  We’ll pretend that I won–ha ha.

Moon Palace Resort

The entertainment!

Mexico fire Mexico fire2

We only went on one excursion this trip:  Tulum.  It was a half-day trip, and if you ever have the opportunity to go, please do!  I can’t post any pictures because they’re all on a my real camera. That wouldn’t normally be a problem, but the battery is dead and I can’t find the charger right now.  Regardless, Tulum is my favorite set of Mayan ruins.  It’s a smaller village, but it was very important to the Mayan culture as it served as a port into Coba, the Mayan capital.  It was one of the last inhabited Mayan cities, and the ruins are still in great shape today.  Our tour guide was actually part Mayan, and he seemed very knowledgeable.  Mr. Keller was hugely impressed, though part of me wondered if the tour guide was really as knowledgeable as he seemed.  After all, we wouldn’t know any better!  That may have been a little bit unfair, but as we walked around, I could hear other tour guides, and they all seemed to have their own version of history!  In all seriousness, if you get a chance, go to Tulum.  It’s entertaining, beautiful, and it may even be informative.

If I could book a flight and go back to Mexico tomorrow, I’m telling you, I would do it!  I’m sitting here listening to the wind howl and the rain pour down while I’m all warm in my flannel pajamas, and all I can think about is how great it would be to hear the Caribbean splashing again while holding a drink in my hand!  Who else is dreaming of somewhere warm & sunny?

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