Chronically Behind

I feel as though I have been running chronically behind!  My To Do list has gotten longer every day!  I mark one item off, but two more show up.

Work hasn’t been any better, either!  I have the items that I need to do and the items that I have to do, and I’m having a heck of a time getting any of those done.

chronically behind

No time to monkey around

Prioritization is the name of the game here lately, which is why I haven’t posted on here in over a week!  This blog is actually a great source of therapy for me, though, so not writing has actually been adding to my stress levels, I think.  I’ll have to prioritize this blog a little higher in the future!

This blog post did get prioritized above Uncle Sam!  I have one line left to do on our taxes, but it’ll wait for another evening this week (okay, tomorrow).  I’ll finish that one line, review it, submit it, and hold my breath.  It’s funny, because of course I follow the tax laws, but I had terrible issues getting our taxes accepted a few years ago when I finally changed my last name.  The Social Security database had not yet been updated with my new last name so we had to wait nearly a month for the update to occur.  Ridiculous and totally beyond my control!  Another year, we had issues with Mr. Keller’s W-2.  I guess something on it didn’t match what was submitted by Mr. Keller’s employer.  In the end, it was, again, just a matter of waiting.  So, history tells me that even if our taxes are perfect, there could be issues that delay their acceptance by the IRS and cause stress.

Let’s see, where else am I chronically behind?  I need to get more stamps from the post office, finish up our meal plan for the next month, book plane tickets, prep for BK’s birthday party, start going through the items we’ll put up on our garage sale (there’s a lot so it’ll take time), and, of course clean the house.

The house always needs cleaned.  It’s the absolute bane of my existence.  As long as there are other people living here, it’s going to need to be cleaned.  Because I wouldn’t wish away any of those people, I guess I’ll just keep on cleaning!  One of these days, it’s my firmest hope that my little people will learn to pick up after themselves and that Mr. Keller will learn the concept of “everything has a place and everything in it’s place.”

Yep, I think it’s confirmed:  I’m going to feel as though I am going to be chronically behind until the Keller Kids move out.  That’s quite a few years away, and I thank God that’s the case!

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