The Kellers are so incredibly blessed to have our family. Of course, we know this, but events this weekend have really reminded us.  We use cistern water for much of our non-drinking water (laundry and hot water), but when I turned on the faucet for hot water yesterday afternoon, nothing came out!  This has happened before, and it was due to having run out of water in the cistern, but this time was different.  Mr. Keller informed me that the cistern was nearly full!  On top of that, when Mr. Keller turned on the faucet, water came out!

Blessed to be surrounded by so much family!

Blessed to be surrounded by so much family!

I was feeling very foolish, but I knew that there was something wrong!  Low and behold, we turned the washing machine back on and no water!  I felt vindicated, but that feeling was brief.  After all, we still had a water issue.  I thought back, and I couldn’t remember the last time I had heard the cistern pump (it’s ridiculously loud).  I told Mr. Keller that I thought there was something wrong with the pump, and because that was pretty much the only likely explanation, he agreed.  We went downstairs, took the cover off the pump, and stared at it like we knew what we were looking for.  Nothing jumped out at us so we both did the one thing we knew to do in an emergency:  we called our dads.

In typical Dad Fashion, they both tried, and each was ready to come over and take a look.  It seemed silly for them to drop what they were doing and come stare at the cistern pump with us so Mr. Keller and I told them we would call them in the morning if necessary.  I had had an idea, anyway; my cousin, Jayme, worked in maintenance and was attending school to work on air conditioners.  While an air conditioner is quite different from a cistern/well pump, I knew that if anyone could figure it out, it would be Jayme.  I was so excited I called him right away to ask, and immediately felt bad because it was kind of late!  Jayme, however, didn’t seem to mind and agreed that he could take a look at it in the morning.

As promised, Jayme came over and took a look at the cistern pump.  He warned me as we went downstairs to look at it that he had zero experience with these pumps, but he was game to try.  We all agreed that it was best to try to fix whatever was wrong as opposed to taking the pump out and replacing it.  When my grandfather built the house, he failed to put in a way to shut off the cistern water should the pump need to be replaced.  We had absolutely no desire to figure out how to pump out 5,000 gallons of water in order to replace the pump!

Jayme took one look at the pump, and diagnosed the problem.  There was a missing/ruined spring in the electronics!  For someone who claimed not to know what he was doing, he certainly figured it out quickly!  He ran over to Menard’s and replaced the unit for us.  We were beyond fortunate that Jayme made time to help us out.  I know that I am understating this, but Jayme truly got us out of a bind!  That was our first blessing this weekend.

While all of this was going on, Mr. Keller was working on his father’s farm.  They were switching over from corn to beans, and Mr. Keller was helping his father ready the bean head.  BK and MK had gone to the farm with Mr. Keller, but when Grandma Carol learned that the children were around, they quickly ended up at Grandma Carol’s house!  The children absolutely adore spending time with their grandparents, and we were again incredibly blessed this weekend that the children were able to spend time with their grandparents.

In fact, they also spent time with my dad and my step father.  For our third blessing this weekend, my dad took our little family out to eat in order to celebrate my upcoming birthday!  After dinner, we went to my step father’s home.  Our fourth blessing this weekend was the gift of firewood.  He and my mother are going to put their home up for sale soon and so they wanted the firewood stacks cleaned up and shipped out.  We have a woodstove added onto our furnace so free firewood (already cut up in reasonable sizes!) is a huge blessing!  There appeared enough wood to heat our home for two years!

We are beyond fortunate to have so many family members in the area.  Not only that, but these family members are there for us whenever they can be.  I just hope that we can return the favor!

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