Better Together: Because you’re not meant to mom alone

I have been chosen to be part of the Better Together Launch Team!  For me, this is huge!  Better Together is a book written by Jill Savage and Anne McClane, and if you read my Hearts At Home post, you might have started to understand that Jill Savage is a woman to whom I really look up.  She’s amazing… but she’s not the subject of this blog post so we may just save that for another day!  Anne McClane is Jill’s daughter, and, I’m sure, just as awesome as her mom.Hearts at Home, Better Together

The book , Better Together:  Because You’re Not Meant to Mom Alone is based upon the premise that humans crave communities and moms are no different.  We need relationships with other moms; we need mothering communities.  The book encourages moms to combat isolation, deepen friendships, and learn the power of “momming” together.

As a launch team member of Better Together, I have the pleasure of reading the book in advance!  For FREE!  On top of that, I’m part of a closed Facebook group that discusses the book.  It’s kind of like a book club, except that it’s only focused on this one book.

I’ve read the first two chapters, and I’ve really enjoyed it so far!  In fact, I plan to do a series of blog posts that will summarize the book and really highlight what I’ve gotten out of the it.  Because it’s going to be from my perspective, based upon my current season of life, I highly suggest that you go out and buy the book, too!  The book is applicable to all moms in all seasons of your live!  You can pre-order it through Amazon, and by doing so you will have access to several extra goodies!  In fact, when I last checked, the book was already racked #1 on Amazon in the New Releases category!

Better Together

#1 Already and it isn’t released until March 1st!

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