MK the Bee Slayer

She’s brave!  She’s tough!  She’s MK the Bee Slayer!  Hmmm — or something like that…bee slayer

Friday marked just our second after-hours family medical concern.  MK was stung by a bee while at daycare.  It occurred towards the end of the day so they put ice on it and snuggled her, which is exactly what I would have had them do.  They also called me and informed me that her hand had become quite swollen.  This caused me to call Mr. Keller in order to be sure that he would be picking BK and MK up from daycare soon.  He was and so I prepared to head home from work, too.

I wasn’t quite prepared for how swollen her little left hand was!  The poor girl looked as though she had sausages for fingers!  She was uncomplaining, though.  She simply told me that a bee had stung her, and her hand felt very tight.

bee slayer

Her left hand would end up quite a bit more swollen than this!

Because of the swelling, I called the after hours number for MK’s pediatrician.  Can you believe that they had to call me back!?  Her pediatrician is part of Unity Point, and, apparently, their call center serves more as a way to send calls to the appropriate state.  So, I called, told the nurse what was going on, and then she told me that she was not located in Illinois so would need to have someone in Illinois call me back!  I’m just glad that MK wasn’t suffering from something a little bit more serious!

Just a few minutes later, the Illinois nurse called me.  I went through the whole story again, and then she directed me to the nearest prompt care clinic.  We should have just headed there rather then spend all that time on the telephone!

During the entire telephone process, BK was pretty excited.  He was absolutely convinced that the nurse was going to send an ambulance for his little sister, and he couldn’t imagine anything cooler than riding in an ambulance.  Me, on the other hand and being the mama, I’m hoping that no one in my family ever has to ride in an ambulance!

Once at the prompt care, MK charmed all the people.  She told the nurse practitioner that MK had been “bit” by the bee.  She laid out the whole story:  she was minding her own business, eating her Popsicle when a bee landed on her!  She didn’t want it to get her Popsicle, so she grabbed the bee to throw it off of herself.  Of course, that’s when it “bit” her.  She declared that the bee was not very nice!  The story, as MK told it, was absolutely adorable, and we are very grateful for the time the nurse practitioner took with MK.

MK, we were told, would be fine!  Of course, we didn’t doubt this, but we were relieved to hear that no medication was needed.  It seems that a bee allergy may be in the cards for us, but without another similar reaction, it was hard to tell for sure.  It may be that MK was simply “bit” in a sensitive place, or perhaps multiple times.

MK the bee slayer was not only brave, she was impressive!  Not once did I see her cry.  She even barely admitted to any pain, but, as swollen as her hand was, it must have been throbbing.  There were even a few red streaks through it.  Her brother, BK, could hardly even look at it (he can be a little melodramatic).

MK, our little bee slayer, is now as good as new!  The swelling went down over the weekend until Tuesday when it was basically gone.  We are so thankful that our little bee slayer is as good as new.

Stitch Fix #8

On Friday, I received my 8th Stitch Fix box!  I’ve been receiving Stitch Fix boxes for a little more than a year now, and opening that box is always a fun experience!Stitch Fix #8

Stitch Fix is a boxed subscription company.  The service provides a personal styling experience for women, and they send 5 items that you can try on at home and decide if you want to keep any.  You send back the ones that you don’t want in an envelope provided by Stitch Fix, but if you do keep all 5 items, you receive a 25% discount off of all of the items.

I enjoy Stitch Fix because it’s a fun way to receive new clothing items in my own home!  I receive items that I likely cannot find in stores where I live, and I don’t have to take the Keller Kids into a dressing room with me!  It’s a win all the way around!

You can sign up to receive a regular Stitch Fix box as often as every two weeks.  Because I am trying to be frugal, I am not a regular subscriber.  I simply go in to Stitch Fix’s website and ask for a delivery whenever I feel that my closet is getting a little threadbare or boring.  If you’d like to try it out, please use my referral code.  I’ll receive $25 off of my next box if you do!

The box that I received this Friday was a little bit of a surprise.  On Tuesday, I went into the Stitch Fix app to cancel my upcoming Fix, but I couldn’t!  They were already working on it.  I hadn’t even had a chance to leave a note for the stylist to tell her what I was hoping to receive this Fix.  Of course, that was all my fault, as I had known the Fix was coming up, but I hadn’t gotten around to either leaving a note or cancelling the Fix in a timely fashion.

Luckily, the Stitch Fix stylist (Mandy) who styled me this time did a great job!  She utilized my Pinterest boards and found several things that I had pinned.  She also listened to the request that I had put on my profile to receive only petite sized clothing.  Honestly, it was the first time that a stylist had listened and complied with that request!  I was impressed right at the start.

The first item that I tried on was the Skies are Blue Toccara Lace Detail Blouse.  This could be really cute with a pair of white pants, but I just didn’t love it on me.  I will be returning it to Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix Skies are Blue Toccara Lace Detail Blouse

These style cards come in the box, too!

stitch fix skies are blue Toccara Lace Detail pic

Next, I tried the Papermoon Holden Scoop Neck Blouse.  I love this!  I had it pinned, and I was really hoping to receive it.  It fits well, and I can really see myself wearing this often.  The only downside is that the stripes don’t match up.  I’m going to overlook that flaw.  It’s a KEEP.Stitch Fix Papermoon Holden Stitch Fix Papermoon Holden Stitch Fix Papermoon Holden


I then tried on the Loveappella Zola Knit Dress.  I was so thrilled when I saw that this dress was in my box!  I’ve been drooling over it for months!  It’s a little bit thin, and the stripes don’t match up perfectly, but I feel amazing in this dress.  It’s a KEEP.Stitch Fix Lopeappella Zola Knit Dress Stitch Fix Lopeappella Zola Knit Dress Stitch Fix Lopeappella Zola Knit Dress








I didn’t love either of the other two tops that I received.  The Collective Concepts Cynthia Mixed Material Top was sent to me because I love mixed material tops, but I really don’t need this top so it’s going back.Stitch Fix Collective Concepts Cynthia Mixed Material Top Stitch Fix Collective Concepts Cynthia Mixed Material Top Stitch Fix Collective Concepts Cynthia Mixed Material Top


The Collective Concepts Poppyton Crochet Bib Top is just a no.  Bibs aren’t really my thing.

Stitch Fix Collective Concepts Poppyton Crochet Bib Top Stitch Fix Price Sheet

Words Hurt

This past weekend, I was reminded of just how much words hurt–even when they weren’t intended to be hurtful.words hurt

We had gathered with some of Mr. Keller’s family at his grandparent’s home to enjoy an evening with family along with some pizza.  Mr. Keller, the Keller Kids, and I really enjoy these evenings.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for the Keller Kids to interact with their grandparents and great-grandparents as well as a chance for them to play with their cousins.  Mr. Keller and I also love to catch up with his family, and I love that I don’t have to cook!

It was just after we had finished our dessert that I was reminded how much words hurt. We were discussing how St. Mary’s Church had sponsored a beer and wine tent at our local carnival when someone at the table said she had “never met a good Catholic.”  I was a little shocked and stunned given that everyone at the table knew that I was born and raised Catholic so I responded, “hey, that’s my whole family.”  Mr. Keller’s mom and grandmother were also quick to chime in that they each knew good Catholics; however, the other person simply responded that she “was sticking with what [she] had said.”  At that point, I was so hurt and shocked that all I could say, in a small voice, was “that’s not very nice.”

Truly, I was so hurt that I could barely breathe.  I very rarely worry about the opinions of others so when someone says something negative about me, it almost never bothers me, but this–this was directed at my entire extended family.  People I’ve known from birth who have done absolutely nothing to deserve to be damned by someone who barely–if at all–knew them.

I had to leave.  Normally, Mr. Keller and I stay at these Sunday evening gatherings until it’s pretty late, but I just couldn’t do it.  I started putting away our dirty plates and utensils and folding up chairs in absolute silence.  Then, I looked at Mr. Keller and said, quietly, “We need to leave.  I have to leave.”  He could tell that I was upset and agreed.  Normally, I have to drag Mr. Keller away from social opportunities, but not that night.

On the way home, I realized that the person who had upset me may not have realized how truly hurtful her statement was.  I texted her, letting her know that her statement had been very hurtful and not very Christian-like.  After some dialog back and forth, she responded that I was simply making this into too big of a deal; perhaps I was.  It’s entirely likely that her initial statement was not meant to hurt anyone at the table, and, perhaps, it wasn’t meant to hurt anyone at all, but her refusal to back down from saying it is what had truly upset me.

Honestly, at this point, it doesn’t matter.  What does matter is that this interaction was a learning experience and reminder for me.  Words hurt.  Whether they are said in a heated argument, offhand, or directly at someone, words hurt.

It’s a reminder to me of how easy it is to say something that hurts another person without ever.having intended to hurt them.  I know that I’ve said many many things the wrong way.  I know that I’ve hurt people without ever intending to do so, and I know that I’ve reacted the same way that the person who hurt me did.  That is, I responded in a way that belittled the other person’s feelings.  This interaction last Sunday has served to  remind me that whether I intended to or not, if I hurt another person’s feelings with my words, I owe them an apology.  No one deserves to feel as helplessly hurt and angry as I did that night, and I hope to never make someone feel that way again.

Words HurtI think about how much words can hurt when I think about my interactions with my children, too.  Just one or two badly worded sentences, and I could really bruise my children’s feelings.  They don’t deserve that.  Just as importantly, it’s my job to provide the Keller Kids with a good example on how to treat others; I need to be sure that’s what I’m doing.  This really served as a wake up call for me!

Every interaction–whether it’s a positive or a negative interaction–with another person is an opportunity to learn.  I was reminded of just how much words hurt, and, though I could wish the reminder hadn’t happened, I’m thankful for the opportunity to correct my own actions going forward.  I pray that I remember this lesson and that I truly grow into a better person.